The Fort Walton House Is For Sale

sailingWe did it! We are selling our house to buy a sailboat! All of our hard work and lack of patience has paid off (well, will SOON). We finished our house projects to get the Fort Walton House on the market and it became offical on Tuesday (11/14/17).

We put together a complete social media campaign to assist us with marketing the house for sale by owner so we can officially sell the house and buy our sailboat! You can find the Fort Walton House on the websiteFacebook, Instagram, and even YouTube.

We will let you know how much this helped or will not, but we are keeping a record of the inquires we receive and how they have found our listing since we are not on a traditional local MLS (a program licensed realtors use to post their house for sale and how real estate websites will show houses that they are not personally listing on their sites).

Now that all the house stuff is done we can get back to shopping for our boat and planning our journey, right??!! Who am I kidding, I (Fallon) will have a little time in my busy day to record more vlog style videos until we get to Season 2 on our Youtube channel between homeschooling, meal prepping (we’re on a Ketogenic diet), and frantically cleaning before potential buyers arrive to view the Fort Walton House. Although, we are still making little preparations for #sailinglife and visit the boats we can within Florida when they pop up in our searches. We’ve looked at 2 now on the West coast of Florida, don’t worry they’ll be on YouTube soon!

We will be sharing some news on our Patreon account next week that will only be available to our Patrons, so head on over to become a Patron and be the first to know what we’re up to before anyone else on the web for as little as $1!

Also, we need feedback from our followers! We started Ocean Trippin’ to spread the word of our ensuing adventures so other families that are thinking about this lifestyle can get ideas on how to do it and know that it doesn’t take a small fortune to start making memories with their family instead of giving things to make up for time not spent with them.

Live with less and get more out of life!