Getting Our Sh*t Together

We’re so glad you found us! Please excuse the disarray of our website and social media. We are working on getting everything going.

We’ve been recording all of our trips this year and are learning how to edit everything to post to youtube. We’re almost there!! The goal is to have our introduction video up by Thursday of next week.

So, to explain why we are even here on this world wide web thing – we are preparing to start a chartering business in Fort Pierce, FL. We will be purchasing an over 40 foot sailing catamaran in the next 6 months.

The plan is to use my creative ways to start funding our journey. That is through creative funding sites like Patreon to fuel our videography, photography, and boat expenses, and in return take on crew out of Fort Pierce, FL for day and weekend sails.

Our goal is to pay off the boat and have a small fund (and following) built up over the course of a year, then set sail to the Pacific Ocean (potentially with crew).

We hope you’ll support our efforts and follow us on all the social media links on our site!

X Fallon