Our First YouTube Video

We have published our first YouTube video. Now, what?!?

I have always loved photography and for the last year or so I have been getting into videography. We recorded our first YouTube video and wow I am out of practice. It’s a good thing I love learning and concurring challenges! Areona has even helped a bit with editing which took over a week to complete. I imagine it will get easier with each video.

In our first YouTube video we talk about why we are selling our house to live on a sailing catamaran, how were are planning to get the boat, starting a charter business, and a little bit of background information on our qualifications.

So why would we sell our home to live on the ocean? We have wanted to sail and travel around the world for over 10 years and we finally have the opportunity to make our dreams a way of life. #sailinglife

Dave tried for years to get me on board with the whole sailing idea long before our second child and it wasn’t until this last year when I began to realize the opportunity and lifestyle that cruising brings. Last year, I had just finished my MBA and was looking to start a career doing something, but I had not been able to put a finger on what that something was. We’ve always talked about traveling the world but I could not see how we would be able to afford it with two kids.

Things started to align over the last year, I started my own business to homeschool both kids, Dave got a really good job, and our house value began to rise. My business allowed me to earn a small income and provided me with the time to homeschool with a curriculum I created, keep my photography and digital media/marketing skills up, all while preparing me for a life away from this place called “home” that never really felt like the our home. We (all of us) were never really happy and always wanting to change something about our lifestyle and the Fort Walton House.

Dave’s good job has given us the ability to get out of debt and save some money for our future sailing adventures. And our little real estate investment will allow us to purchase the sailing catamaran we will call our future home.

We are very torn right now as to selling the house first to buy the boat out-right, or getting a loan to purchase the boat and then paying it off with the sale of the house. For now, we are just seeing how this works itself out.

We have some work to do on the house for it to be ready to sell and we are determined to sell the Fort Walton House as For Sale By Owner. I would love some feedback on pros and cons, and maybe some strategy so we can sell it quickly and get on the boat as soon as possible.

We are still searching for the “perfect” catamaran for our journey. The boat we choose will need to have enough room aboard to accommodate future patrons and our family, be a blue water cruiser, and obviously a boat we can afford and financially maintain. There is still quit a bit to accomplish before we can proceed in our journey, but we will also be sharing every step here and on YouTube in hopes that friends, family, and patrons will join us for a day sail on our charter or give them the confidence to sail their own vessel.

In our first YouTube video we also talked about starting a charter business when we get the boat. Starting a charter business is something that Dave has wanted to do since we were first married. We are not certain at this time that we will be offering charter, but will let your followers know if it is something that we can do once we have the boat.

But, what makes us think we can actually do this – I’m sure your asking???

Dave is obviously far more qualified than I am. He has been a USCG Captain for over 10 years and has captained many voyages along the Atlantic Coast on vessels much larger than our future catamaran. He has sailing and fishing experience from his childhood and started diving and surfing when he was a young teenager. He has traveled to many countries to surf and explore the local culture. His welding and boat building experience will also help us make necessary repairs to our new home so we can continue sailing with minimal expenses. I am more than confident that he can get us from place to place safely and cost effectively.

As for me, (Fallon – and the main voice of anything written on our blog, social media accounts, and YouTube channel), my experience is limited to the business aspects of our future journey. I have more than 12 years experience in business management, marketing, accounting, and customer service, and finished my MBA last year. Dave is more than confident that I can help us get the business started and manage it to sustain our adventures. Plus, I currently manage websites, social media accounts, and digital marketing for Accurate Pools and the VDub Addiction Club. Needless to say, I have a little experience in these matters that will only evolve through our journey.

We may be over confident, but we are very determined to make this our future life. So, please be kind (meaning use kind words when replying our kids like to read the comments) and support our efforts by liking our posts on Facebook and Instagram, sharing with your friends and family, and subscribing to our Patreon and YouTube channels. Our Patreon Patrons get the latest details on what were up to and where we are at on our journey.